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Continuous improvement tools implemented in our establishment :

5 S :

SEIRI - Sorting : Eliminate all that is unnecessary, keeping only those objects essential to the work station.

SEITON - Straightening : Arrange objects used according to frequency, use and ease of handling. Make locations obvious.

SEISO - Systematic cleaning : Clean, inspect and detect any anomalies.

SEIKETSU - Standardizing : Define reference systems (type photo of ideal work station condition).

SHITSUKE - Self-discipline : Conform to rules in place and continuously improve the standard (5S audit).


Three 5S projects implemented since 2007.

A technical offices project has been in progress since September 2011, with APAF: Plastics Excellence Cluster.


Lean Manufacturing is a state of mind intended to eliminate the 7 types of waste, or muda (overproduction, waiting, transport, defects, inventory, motion and over-processing).

1 Lean Manufacturing project in progress since 2011, conducted with ARIA (Association Régionale pour l'Industrie Automobile).

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